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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ACARA is cutting hours for Technology Mandatory!!

So, if ACARA goes ahead with this new syllabus change, it will not affect you as a cohort. But how will students to COME be affected?

In your post, describe what YOU learn in technology mandatory, what YOU LIKE, and how valuable these skills really are!

REMEMBER to spell check! Read your post aloud before you post it :)


  1. I personally don't like this new idea, because it cuts back on the time students get to work on this subject. In the future if they do cut back the times there will not be as many builders, designers etc. It will not give students the experience they need for future references.

    Stephanie Shing

  2. WTH I think this time span difference is stupid because
    1. It limits the time for assignments
    2. It limits the learning for careers. eg. Builders, arcitechs, chefs, dress-makers, etc.
    3. Year 7-8 students get less of a chance to participate in tech competitions and experience the fun in tech.

    I consider myself lucky to be in this years, year 7, because i am able to experience tech.

  3. Kids in the future will not have the one that they want if they want to do tech as a career in the future.
    Daniel stirba 7105

  4. I say that it wouldn’t be fair for the year 7's because when they were in primary school they didnt do those kind of subjects. They might have been waiting to get into high school becuause they liked sewing, cooking or even woodwork.
    If they had started high school and they liked it and they had less hours in the year.
    The yr 7's might want to be a dress maker, architects’ or chef.
    1: Less opportunities in the jobs
    Nicole <3

  5. The changes being made to the hours of design and technology are very unfair. The reasons for this are...
    1. We will lose joins such as dressmakers, chefs and architects.
    2. Children enjoy the subject D.T as it is fun and useful for things further in life.
    I, think this decision is very unfair!
    Shannon <3

  6. In technology, we learn about all different types of things that can help us later in life. At the moment we are learning how to sew but other technologies we learn about are wood work and cooking. I like sewing because it is a joy and a challenge that is really fun, you can also decorate you design how ever you want, which I like because I can use the technique in everyday living and match it by decorating with colours, pictures etc. In saying all this, I think we should keep the 200 hours so kids enjoy and learn at the same time and have techniques for later in life instead of 80 hours when we're barely getting to use/ know the techniques that should be basic.
    Gabby Dunn 7105

  7. it think that its a bad idea because that means that we will get less time to have with technology such as wood work, cooking and sewing.another reason why this bad is because all the students here really like design and technology and also in design and technology we learn alot of new things that we enjoy doing and another reason is because in the futhure we might need to use sewing, wood work and cooking and if we dont have alot of time to learn it then we wont no how to do it in the future. another point is that people that do sewing,wood work and cooking and other jobs wont have alot of people doing it.

    Annelise Ameduri <3 7105

  8. I think that cutting down hour’s year 7 and 8 doing technology we are going to lose our career options and basic skills to become an adult. Most children enjoy doing technology and studying the 3 different types of technology. I know as a student in year 7 this year it will might no effect me but i feel very strongly about cutting down hours. I enjoy technology a lot and I think 80 hours is nothing compared to the 200 hours we study it now. I feel we will lose many builders and designers cutting down hours. I hope in the future it doesn't get cut because then we will lose our basic skills to take care of our children. I also want to know if it will affect me doing technology as an elective when i am in year 9? I am very disappointed in this new rule for the school.

    Tori Weston 7105

  9. As a student who enjoys Technology Mandatory, I absolutely don't think that they should cut our hours back because if they do then we will not even have a general idea of how to sew, cook or use a saw.
    It is not fair how they can come out of the blue and change our number of hours, because this way we can only have one assignment on only one topic.
    As students we need this general idea for skills and memories to have when we are older.

    Jacinta Abdelki 7105

  10. I think that when kids try to learn more in the class the time shortage will stop that I would try to rebel if I could.

    Daniel Stirba 7105

  11. I’m new at Gilroy and I have just arrived in 4days.
    I learned so fast that DT is a very popular subject.( The subjects that I found out my friends like most were DT and IL .so did I!)
    DT is my favourite subject. The first day I arrived I went to DT class. And I learned how to use a sewing machine. I totally enjoyed it!
    I have come from Iran where 99.99% of the kids that I know hate school.
    I think if ACARA makes this change that will happen to Australian school to!

    Ali kamali 7105

  12. Technology mandatory is one of my FAVOURTE subjects and hearing this just breaks my heart. Thinking of the poor year 7 and 8 students in future will not get the same thrilling experience I have had. Not only with this affect the students it will also affect all the teachers as they will have less hours. I AM DISGUSTED!

    Alysia Conditsis

  13. This is a horrible idea! Imagine the students to come deprived of a subject like this! They would be deprived of time to get any reasonable amount of work done and they would only be able to do a maximum of 1 project a year, which would limit the amount that they would learn. They could lack the knowledge to do some basic things. They would also be discouraged from getting jobs in more practical areas because they would have a limited knowledge.

  14. I believe that the idea that has been put forward by ACARA is wrong. Children need to learn to cook, sew and learn how to create boxes, tables, beds. ACARA IS WRONG! Children should have an even amount of time for every subject. Why should they cut down Technology, they could cut down the time of any other subject but they chose Technology because they think it is useless. But children may think other subjects are useless. They should ask others what they think before they go and do stupid stuff like this!

    Ashleigh George 7105

  15. OMG, this is one of these craziest ideas I've heard in quite a while.Cutting hours off one of the most loved subjects studied by school students is unbelievable. Students deserve to experience an even amount of both practical and thoery DT lessons, because Dt is a hands on and creative subject!! :) Cuttign hours means cutting learning experiences, cutting basic life skills, cutting career options, cutting hands on and active lessons and cutting the fun out of my day.With out enough hours I will never complete a Practical exercise. I honestly do look forward to Dt lessons simply because of the hands on work and creative thinking involved. I'm only half way throught year seven but I am passionate about Dt and hope to find a career path from the subject which I love. Please, do not cut the hours and let the future year seven and eights enjoy the love i have for Dt!! I am heart-broken with this decision </3

  16. I for one do not like this idea of cutting back the hours of design and technology , if they cut back the hours then there's less carrer options

    Kate Croucher

  17. Tech is one of my fave subjects and I am disappointed to hear that the hours will be cut back. This will give year 7-8 students less of an experience in the future for tech. It will also decrease the amount of builder, architects and all that. This is upsetting to hear and i hope the policy changes their minds.

    Amy Taylor 7105

  18. Mant students rely on the oppertunity to take on subjects in the TAS fields as they have high motor skills and these activities are the only ones they can calm down and achieve their best rather in a more written subject. Some of these students only come to school to go to these classes and skip many of the others, by cutting down of hours in these subjects we will be not giving all students oppertunities to achieve their personal best and covering all learning skills and types.

  19. I am having fun in dt and want others that come to school to experience all the fun in all aspects of dt and pursue there careers. If you cut the hours students won't think that dt is fun because they won't have enough hours to experience the creative prac side of the subject and won't choose to do dt

  20. I am so upset with this discussion I personally love DT it is the best subject ever it is good because we do lots of pracs and you get a lot of skills from them and from these skills you learn to discover what you like and enjoy and from some of these DT pracs you get to decide on what you want to be when your older so I’m hoping that we don’t have to cut the hours because it would be a shame.

    Emily 8105

  21. I AM DISGUTSTED! The cutting of hours should not happen as future generations cannot have the access to DT and it will limit their ability to go to school and be able to get an education in DT. Another problem with this is that some students are great at maths and some are great at English but some are great at hands on activates like DT. There will also be not enough time to do prac as the time will be wasted doing theory. The assessment tasks will also not be able to be completed as they require theory and prac.

  22. We believe that cutting the hours of DT by 60% means future students would be missing out on opportunities and carers they may want to achieve. By doing this, kids in yr 7 and 8 are not able to do prac’s more then usual. They have limited times of their learning e.g. cooking, sewing, woodwork, and graphics.. we don’t think this is a good idea they should keep it at the hours that are available now.
    Paige & Courtney  8105

  23. This idea is not fair for those year 7’s and 8’s to come. I am outraged that people would even think of cutting our DT lessons, DT is one of my favourite subjects and with all the new students to come they might have a dream to do something involving Design and Technology like being an architect or a Designer etc. I think this idea should be cut short not DT lessons. In my class we ALL look forward to DT lessons and we all love the experience we get whether it’s Woodwork, Food Tech, Graphics and Textiles, they are very practical and when we have a DT lesson we all enjoy it because we all do theory and stuff all day and its such a relief when we finally get to do something practical. Without DT our day would be so boring! I am terrified, upset and repulsed by this idea and I believe DT should not EVER be cut short.

    Amanda 8105

  24. We believe that tech mandatory is very important to the year 7 and 8 students as it helps them gain more skills and they may want to choose it as an elective for year 9 and 10 but there is not enough hours put into the subject to know what you want to do in the future. Cutting 60% of the hours means only 40 hours a year, which isn’t much.

    Ash and Derra 8105

  25. this is simply one of the worst ideas that ACARA have had. i have 2 brothers and i want them to be able to have the best chance at experiencing dt so the can make an educated choice of kind of job they want to have instead of being stuck in a dead-end up in a boring office struggling to pay bills.this is the worst idea EVER. i think this motion should stop so everyone has a fair chance at life.

  26. This is an absolute outrageous idea! Down to a measly 80 hours? If you proceed with this idea, all the new students will not have any fun in DT as I have had the luck to. In primary school, we never got to cook or build things including wood. Now that they have the chance, you want to change it from 3 times a week to 1? Think about how the Year 7’s and Year 8’s would feel. I mean if you cut it down, they won’t even experience it at all! I think that ACARA is wrong. They don’t know how it feels to be taken away my favourite subject. If you cut this down there will not be much cooks, builders, architects. And when someone asks if they can bake a cake, they will say No, I didn’t learn it in DT. Think about it ACARA. Don’t take DT to a measly period a week. I LOATHE this idea and should be declined ASAP.

  27. We as students of year 8 love the idea of being able to make, create and participate in such fun and hands on activities. How would other students be able to experience all the fun we have experience here at our school if their time has cut more than half (60%), 120 hours less! D.T is where we learn and enjoy at the same time and the best part is we are able to take home and use our project at the end. D.T gives us challenges that we know can accomplish inside of school and we wouldn’t want future years to miss out on all the fun we did. We love D.T because it’s so diverse with so many different subjects(textiles, woodwork, cooking etc)and it gives us opportunities for a career.

    Kristina and Claudia 8105

  28. I am absolutely appalled at this decision to cut short technology classes.
    School is already torture I know I would rather be at home sleeping than come to school but the only reason why I shove myself out of bed is to enjoy my hands on work in DT.
    Put yourself in our shoes I find it hard to believe that you would enjoy sitting behind a hard desk glaring into a computer for endless hours let’s cut your break and cut your comfortable chair out in fact let’s take away your computer and give you a pen and paper. You’re cutting future jobs, so let’s take away your house and give you a card board box. You’re taking away future chefs, builders and inventors. So imagine if all of those things were taken away from you I don’t think you’ll like the change so please DO NOT CUT SHORT OUR EDUCATION!!!!!!!
    8105 lauren

  29. This is ridonculous!!!!!!!!!!! How can u cut down technology working hrs with you expecting us to do and complete all of our assignments with 1 or 2 lessons a week over a 10-11 week course? I am outraged to think that my sister will not be able to experience the fun and joy that I have had over these courses. With this cutting down it will lesson the amount of people choosing a TAS subject in yr 9 and 10. So please ACARA stop before you make a terrible mistake.
    By troy 8105

  30. In my opinion, by cutting back DT hours, ACARA is affecting school all over Australia students and teachers alike. The idea is preposterous and has not been well thought through. I am in Yr8 and I enjoy DT classes and I’m sure future generations of children would enjoy them too. ACARA has no right to take that away from them. DT is a very creative subject that kids can benefit from even if they do it for 2 yrs. I myself have given some skills that no other classes could offer. In DT I have done woodwork, graphics, textiles and cooking. I enjoyed doing all of these but if ACARA’s idea pushes through then most students will not experience these subjects. I consider myself lucky to be already be enrolled in a 200 hour course and I hope that future students will be enrolled too. ACARA’s idea will be depriving students of certain skill that they could use in their futures.
    ACARA is ruining future generations of Students
    Rene 8105

  31. This is non-sense. Look at the furniture all over your house, these were made from intelligent designers. Without the education to all these young kids how are you going to see more of this beautiful furniture? How are you able to see the full potential of every student without letting them express their creativity? Especially as this is one of the finest, enjoyable subjects in the school. If any of this 60% cut down happens why would other students in year 9 and 10 choose these as electives.

  32. I think this is a bad thing it will mean that all of this time will go to science ,maths, sports and other bad subjects so I don’t think people will be supporting this at all so if you do this you will be making a big mistake so just quit.

  33. Personally I think that going without sowing is a blessing but I know others enjoy it, but I like woodwork and I think if you cut down to 80 hours it will be very miserable world and we wouldn’t make way for future builders and esigners.

  34. i dont care as long as i dont have to work as much in class and i still get pracs for everything but pe

  35. We are very concerned about what the future won’t hold for upcoming year 7 & 8 high school students. We believe that the idea of cutting back 120 hour of technology mandatory over a 2 year period is ridiculous. There will be limited opportunities for students who are passionate about technology mandatory and they won’t be able to broaden their learning. The students will not be able to discover necessities of life which is reflected in the practical aspect of Design and Technology. What we look forward to in tech mandatory, they will not experience which includes:
    • Creative and practical assignments
    • Being able to express your imagination
    • Widening your knowledge about design and tech
    • Learn the essential things to succeed in life e.g cooking, sewing
    Once you limit the hours spent in tech mandatory, you are not letting the student express their personality in their work.

    Laura and Laura 8105 :)

  36. This is absolutely disgusting, it is simply outrageous. What will happen to the entire technology staff? Will their pay check be cut? What will happen to the students? Technology is one of the most beloved subjects by all students and most students who have experience the complete 200hr course choose one of the technology subjects as one or even both for their electives!!! If the cut was to happen the students will not be able to experience a complete and proper understanding of technology and all its fun. Technology is a break in any students’ day it’s a time where sitting in class with a maths text book or exercise books go out the window, work is still done but the theory is nothing compared to enjoyment of the practical side. The cut would mean less time for the practical lessons this means they will either be cut short or even some of the funniest practicals will be abolished and school would simply not be important. If you cut our future you’re cutting your own!!!
    Kate 8105

  37. Designer technology is my absolute FAVOURITE subject and I have learnt so much. If you take away our time learning about our favourite subject we won’t know what to do for our electives therefore we won’t have the job we want in the future. We already have enough time learning about the boring subjects like Maths and English etc. and now we can’t look forward to learning about our most loved subject. Also if you take away these certain hours there will be less Builders, Fashion designers, Architects, and even Designer technology teachers in the world which means less jobs and more impoverished people.
    Ayla 7 103 

  38. I definitely do NOT like this idea at all. Cutting the hours of DT is cutting the job choices. It’s not fair that we get to do 200 hrs of DT work and our brothers and sisters don’t. There would be fewer builders, chefs, and other types of work just because people want to cut the hours off. People in year 7 and 8 should get a good taste of what DT is about, and should not be cut down to just 80 hours in both years. 80 years is only 1 lesson a fortnight, and two safety test lessons would already be 1 month of the year for DT gone. People would not get enough time doing DT, and some schools might have to stop prac lessons all together. That would mean in year 9 and 10 if somebody wanted to pick DT, they would not know what one to pick, making them not choosing DT at all, and have fewer jobs for jobs involving DT. I obviously, want to keep on the two hundred hours in 2 years, and DO NOT WANT TO CUT DT HOURS!! Please, ACARA do not cut DT hours, it would make school so much more boring, and less learning.

  39. As a student who does design and tech I personally hate this idea of cutting back 120 HOURS OF DESIGN AND TECH! This new idea keeps all the future students who will be doing design and tech in the dark not knowing how to sew, cook or how to use a saw properly. Design and tech help all students to find their inner passion for design and tech. since ACARA is the one who is cutting the hours back it is ACARA who should be ashamed of themselves for doing this they should be increasing the hours even a bit. All students in Australia should be against this hour cut back since most students that I know loves design and tech. design and tech can help the students help around the house and help parents sewing, cooking and help them fix a wardrobe. These skills that they give us will last forever and should be nourished so these skills can be helpful anywhere they are. These can be much needed skills for their future lives since they might want to be a chef or a sewer or an engineer or anything that involves using these skills that they learn during their years at high school.
    Steve 7103

  40. Oh my gosh, this is probably one of the worst things that can happen to a child’s education. When we started high school, we found that Design and Technology is the most fun subject in our timetable. THIS IS A DISGRACE! Everybody we know looks forward to DT immensely, and if you cut hours then school would be very boring. DT gives students the chance to try new things, and experiment with ideas about their future careers. Do you really want to cut hours and possibly stomp on a child’s dream? Kids our age love doing things, not just sitting in a classroom listening to an explanation. Children look forward to DT because it gives them the chance to get up off their feet and actually try to do the tasks themselves. With cutting the hours, you are also getting rid of many jobs that our society needs to function properly. Not only is it affecting the children, it is affecting everyone! Imagine what would happen in a world without builders, artists, designers, architects, chefs, interior designers? Society would fall apart, that’s what would happen! :(
    Sophie and Sophie 7103

  41. Design and Technology is our most DESIRED SUBJECT. When we arrive at school in the morning we always look forward to our Practice Design Classes. We think that cutting down hour’s year 7 and 8 doing technology we are going to lose our career options and basic skills to become an adult. It is very exciting and exhilarating to learn new things in these classes. We were frustrated and annoyed at the changes that will prevent us from completing our usual cycle of work during the year. With the 120 hour cut of our projects will not be completed in time which will show on our reports. Personally we believe that our lesson will be cut down and we will only be able to complete less work and may not finish the work given. Some people’s lives depend on the studies and courses that they fulfil and carry out each day. Without these wonderful benefits that we usually have there will not be as many opportunities that we could carry out throughout daily life. There will be less creativity in our minds and less jobs that we can apply for. Each day we apply ourselves through our jobs and schools.
    We LOVE and ENJOY this subject. It is the highlight of our day.
    Tianna and Emma 7103 <3

  42. I n Technology we like to learn and this is a disgrace when i heard this I thought about coming to high school in the next few years, if that was me I would not want to go to school. When Im at school I like to have a go at things like sewing, cooking, wood work. I never knew how to make a box or I would never have been able to of named all of the tools in the wood work rooms before I came into high school I had never touched a sewing machine and now that I have been taught how to use these things my mum has trusted me to use these things that we have at home. In the future I know this may not affect me but have you thought about the children that in the future that want to become a technology teachers or want to build houses or want to become a chef or a designer those children may think that when they come into high school they will think that it is boring so they will not want to become what they always dreamed so have a think about the future not just the present but just think what the world would be like without these people.
    Kiarna 7103

  43. At the start of year 7, I didn’t know how to cut a piece of wood or use any tools for that matter, I didn’t know how to thread a sewing machine and do all the things that I enjoy. Now being in year 7 for a semester now I do know how to do it and how to use it and I love it. I really enjoy having Design Technology as a subject. All year 7 and 8 students of the future will not have the opportunity that I have to learn and practice how to do all the great projects we make and the fun that we have during a lesson. The future year seven’s and eight will not be able to follow their dreams as becoming a builder, designer, graphic designer, a design teacher, etc. All those dreams and jobs ruined just by a change in how many lessons we have and hours we have to do so. So don’t RUIN the future of Australia!!!!!!!!!! This is unacceptable to think that you would do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chelsea 7103

  44. As a year 7, we have not had as much experience as the year 8s but we have certainly learnt as much and have had just as much fun. In years to come children will not have as much fun at school and will not know how to cook, sew and to build so then they would not be able to follow their dreams. Also, with the hours cut back to 80, the children in years to come will not enjoy going to tech mandatory as they will not have the chance or opportunity to sew, build or cook. Why do you have to cut hours back are you trying to ruin little kids dreams what is this your a dream destroyer. If you proceed with these plans, many jobs will not be filled because children will not find their passions without these opportunities that we are given at the moment and we personally think that it is ridonk-u-lous. You should be sentenced to prison with the conviction of ruining kid’s dreams. Job payments will also be cut back because there will not be as many people wanting to do Tech Mandatory and therefore people will not want to be tech teachers and there will be a shortage of them. To sum all this up, think about what you are trying to do and what you are willing to sacrifice to get it. You are sacrificing children’s dreams and opportunities to add time onto other “more important” subjects.
    Hayley and Brittany 7103

  45. As students of The TAS Department we are strongly against this! This is disgraceful, how do you expect us to cook for our families when we’re older or fix different types of clothes when they are ruined or even learn how to simply nail a nail!? Have you ever thought about the children who wanted to become a chef, a designer or a builder? By doing this you’re making students not looking forward to school!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE RUINING PEOPLES DREAMS AND GOALS IN LIFE !
    By Steph and Emma <3 Yr 7 103

  46. As a student at Gilroy one of the things I look forward to the most is DT. If we only had 80 hours of DT it wouldn’t give us enough time to really learn the subject and decide if we liked it and wanted to choose this career path. Also DT teaches us some skills that would be helpful in the future. If we didn’t have DT, classes would be boring and students would lose interest. Also there would be less people becoming a architect, graphic designers, fashion designers, DT teachers and lots more, not only would there be less of these jobs but meaning more people choosing other careers making it hard to get a job in that criteria leaving more people jobless.
    Brooke 7103 <3

  47. Personally I love design and technology and to see hours cut back I think that it won’t be as popular with students to come. Currently we have two or three one hour periods of D.T a week and I definitely look forward to walking into a classroom and learning a new recipe to cook, sewing the ends of my cushion and so excited to see the finished design at the end, painting a box that I can keep in my room for years to come and even researching what different materials are made from in a theory lesson. This is despicable and I wouldn’t like to see my younger brother or sister coming home to me and asking me nerdy maths questions because the hours of maths have been put forward to replace design and technology hours! Let the children of the future have a fair go!
    By Isabella 7103

  48. In design technology we are appalled with the debate that is going with ACRA at the moment, I love technology and it gives me enthusiasm to go to school, If ACARA cut back hours there will be unemployment and less people working. In my first year of high school I have loved doing woodwork and sewing and looking forward to do cooking, if this rule had taken place!!! I wouldn’t be able to follow my dream because I wouldn’t have the skill and the knowledge in being an architecture designer. (DON’T CHANGE STAY THE SAME!!!!)

    Jack 7103

  49. I cannot BELIEVE that the government is thinking of cutting school DT hours from 200hours to 80hours!!! If they do this students like me would never experience what proper DT is all about. As a student I love DT than any other subject in school so if you cut the hours we may never see any other DT teachers again because they know it’ll be boring. The only reason I go to school is because I love my DT. I especially love the prac work and know how to cook, sew and importantly WORKING IN WOOD WORK. Also if you cancel DT hour’s students may not go to school because we don’t want to be working in another hour in math or English. This may also cause a problem in school jobs in the future because student may not even want to come back to school for a job. I hope this message came through to you and I’m horrified that I have to write this complaint .
    Scott 7103

    In Design and Technology I have learnt many things just over two 10 week terms. Like making a box and sewing a cushion cover. I like DT because I did not know how to make boxes and sew cushion cover but guess what now I do because I have learnt how in DT. Dot is pretty much my favourite subject in school. On the days that I have DT the only reason I could be bothered to come to school is because I have DT. I think that you guys are just ruining our lives by doing this. Personally I think you guys are a bit silly, why would you do this to us it’s just slack to all those kids who love DT just like me. So just think about what I have said and don’t change the times for design and technology.

    By Matt 7103.

  51. Stop! Think? Listen
    Design and Tech are one of the best subjects in school. Its one reason the makes school fun to go to. With the 120 hours cut there would less teachers to teach design and tech to the children in the future. A eventually no one what like to be a designer or a person that works in technology person and then no one is the in Australia would know how to sew, cook and carpeted. So please leave the 200 hours in Design and Tech.
    Mitchell 7103

  52. This is outrageous to cut the hours of DT from 200 hrs to 80 hrs, therefore the year 7-8 to come in the future will not have experienced the joy of knowing how to decorate, design, construct, and cook in the future if you chose one of the DT activities as your elective in year 9. Personally I think that this has been a great experience for us current yr 7’s and the future year 7 and 8 will be disappointed not having this opportunity to get down and dirty with the building blocks of building blocks.
    Matt and Chris 7103

  53. In design technology we are disgusted with the debate that is going with ACARA at the moment, I love technology and it gives me enthusiasm to go to school, If ACARA cut back hours there will be unemployment and less people working. In my first year of high school I have loved doing woodwork and sewing and looking forward to do cooking, if this rule had taken place!!! I wouldn’t be able to follow my dream because I wouldn’t have the skill and the knowledge in being an architecture designer. (DON’T CHANGE STAY THE SAME!!!!)

    JACK 7103

  54. I think they should keep dt as it is because if they change hours, people wont be able to learn how to design and cook things which will affect people from getting those jobs as they have not learnt this in high school

  55. DON'T CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think about who you are hurting!!!

  56. I personally don't like this new idea as it affects students because most students in gilroy enjoy doing DT like Design & Tech, Wood Work and Food Tech. They would not like this new idea because we learn so much in this subject. It is not right to have 1 lesson per week. We should have more! I am disgusted about this idea because what if someone wanted to a fashion designer etc, it would affect them because then we won't be able to follow our dreams in the future. This affects teachers as well as they might enjoy teaching this subject to students. It ruins there oppurtunity to learn about the fascinating skills DT has to offer!

  57. I think they should keep dt as it is because if they change hours, people wont be able to learn how to design and cook things which will affect people from getting those jobs as they have not learnt this in high school

    Liam 7101

  58. i think that this is ridiculus. students should get 200 hurs of learnng DT. if you only learn 80 hours over 2 years, that is once a week you cannot enjoy the subject more. if you take away 60% of the hours you will loose all types of jobs and careers from deigners, chefs and others. i am currently in year seven and i think thos is an outrage i enjoy the subject the most because you get to do 4 different subjects in the one subject. this is a bad idea because teachers will loose their jobs because they loose 120 of their hours, that means more unemployed people and more money from the goverment to pay them. when the future year 7 start their jobs they will NOT give a second thought as to the jobs from DT like being a chef, designer and others. DT is the best subject and if you take 120 hours away from it students will not be able to enjoy it as much.
    as to learning side of it students will not be able to do as many practicals for example we made a pillow for txtiles with 3 lesson in one week if you make it one lesson per week students will not be able to get as much time to work on them. every student waits for the day when they have a practical it is the whole reason that we enjoy school, learning about how to make things by actually doing it ourselves instead of being told how to.
    Breeannah! 7101

  59. I personally don't like this new idea as it affects students because most students in gilroy enjoy doing DT like Design & Tech, Wood Work and Food Tech. They would not like this new idea because we learn so much in this subject. It is not right to have 1 lesson per week. We should have more! I am disgusted about this idea because what if someone wanted to a fashion designer etc, it would affect them because then we won't be able to follow our dreams in the future. This affects teachers as well as they might enjoy teaching this subject to students. It ruins there oppurtunity to learn about the fascinating skills DT has to offer!

  60. In a few years to come children will not like school as much and will not have the chance to cook, sew and to build so then they would not be able to follow their dreams. Also if the hours are cut back the children in later years to come will not enjoy going to tech mandatory as they will not have the chance or opportunity to sew, build or cook.

  61. Us year 7's and 8's really enjoy learning about Design Technology and if u cut back the hours, STOP, THINK AND LISTEN. This is the subject we all look foward to in the day and if you change we will have none of that. And its not just about the students the teachers will lose their jobs and can not support them or their family. In the future who will build houses? NO ONE!! Who will be a chef in a restaurant? NO ONE!!! Who will design clothes for us? NO ONE!!!
    Rachel 101 =)

  62. D.T is a very important subject it teaches crativity. Sure Math, English and Science are important, but I always look forward to D.T and if you change it teachers would lose jobs and we wont be able to chose it as an aletive properly. It's NOT fair!!!! I was told Australia was trying to have more jobs, but if we can't have a proper try at all of the conponets at D.T we will loss skills and not have as many people doin jobs like teaching D.T, grapic disinging, fashion disinging and building. My little sister will be in year 7 in 2013 and i want her to have the same amazing experience in D.T as me. I'm in year 7 now and my favourite subject is D.T, I love learning about textiles, wood work and food tec. I enjoy making things and practical work. Without D.T school would be boring. At the moment we have 200 hours of D.T in year 7 and 8, but if we have only 80, we will lose 120 hours of D.T.
    by Danielle7101

  63. Imagine a time where everywhere you look you see people in grey with no emotion walking around, no spirit, no enthusiasm. Do you want to live in a country with the inhabitants to behave this way? This proposal is complete, utter nonsense.

    Do you remember when you were young? When you dreamed of becoming a chef, a fashion designer, a graphic designer? Something you would look forward to? Something you aspired to be? What will happen to the future if these hours are cut down?

    During our years of year 7 and 8, I do wish to learn more about Technology (Mandatory). My skills will increase in this subject, and I may consider pursuing a career in Technology.

    Think about who this is harming. The children of the future, The teachers. Future generations will grow dull learning mostly about math,science and english. How many times have you heard a child say :"I want to be a mathematician."?

    Less time for this subject means less time for practicals. Practicals such as sewing and cooking is a great enjoyment and i learn plenty from it. If this is taken away from the future generations, i do believe that they would not enjoy this subject.

    So just think about it...

  64. Let me ask you a question Australia.
    Visualise our cities being filled with sad children and grown ups to be, always learning the same things being Maths, English, Science etc. There is no room for creativity, originality or imagination.With this happening can you imagine what our future would be like?
    As children we like being freedom of speech and having our say of optimism.
    To be chefs,to be wood workers, to be fashion designers, to be express yourself in many ways which is why we should not limit Design & Technology. Our careers, jobs and freedom of choice will be limited.

    I sincerely am sick just by thinking of this and i am sure the present and future students will be too if you cancel this wonderful experience.
    I love D.T and wouldnt want it to change.

    Remember Australia you are crushing the imagination of our future!

    Samantha :0
    Its Our future!!

  65. i think this is unfair for the students in year7 who go into highschool in the year 2012. The hours of design and technology (dt) will be cut down to only 80 hours for two years. The skills we learn't in this subject will be lost through many generations to come. Our society would be as good as it was years ago. Our intelligence for this subject will be low and the desire for this subject wouldn't be common.

    The key to our future is the students who come to highschool to learn. The students to come are part of the key to a better future.

    Michaela 7101

  66. Im horrified that Design and technology is going down to 80 hours from 200 hours because what if we wanted to take a DT course in the future. How are we supposed to learn by having a DT subject once a week. Think of it... what if we wanted to be a fashion designer, wood worker or a chef. what is the point of having a career of being a designer or a chef if there is no point because we don't learn alot of things. What is the primary kids supposed to do when there dream is to make things. we wouldn't want to ruin there dreams and not let them be what they want. if you continue this, the kids now when they are older, will not want to get a career or a job because of the plan you trying to do.
    LORA 7101

  67. They should keep it for expirence for our future and for learning about differnt things that are not boring and that we get to be involved instead of just writing down stuff.
    STEVEN 7101

  68. i think its a load of balony because it gets you involved and alows you to be creative and give you life skills rather than sitting and writting it down you actually do it yourself.
    Brayden 7101

  69. i think that it is stupid that you get less hours and in the future there will be less builders and apprenteces and that means less houses and buildings. students need the pratical skills in technical mandatory because if they want to build and every daqy thing or a every day meal they will not have the skills to do it


  70. i think that cutting the hours down from 200 to 80 hours is stupid because the future generations would have less oppurtunity than the people now.Also people would not want to teach or become an apprentice because their would be limited spots

    Ryan 107

  71. I don't think it's right to cut the hours as it will loose people wanting to do apprenticeship in the future.It breaks the week up being able to do pracs.

    Amanda 7107

  72. I think that cutting hours off technology is a shame,lots of students like it and use it as a break as well as learning at the same time.It will effect people in Yr 7 and 8 in the future like my little brother and will limit what he can do as a career or job in the future.Instead of just siiting there and imagine of what you wish to do,you actually get to have a go.

    Natasha 7107

  73. If the hours are cut for technology students that are in Year 7 and 8 and even people coming into the school next year will have less of a break and will not have as many chances to actually get into technology and have a good time and get active. Also students will most likely only be able to have a term of either woodwork cooking or sewing which limits thought on what they want to do in the future!!!
    Elisha 7107

  74. it is stupid that acara might take away 60% of hrs.
    It is a fun and hands on subject that everyone likes.


    James Fennell 7107

  75. this is a dumb idea because people won;t get the jobs they want and won't be able to do things them self
    Daniel 107

  76. i dont think it is very fair on us because: that means that we have to do maths & english more, and i ate those subjects

    ALEX 7107

  77. i think that all of this is not acceptable because everyone that is at primary now will not get the education in technology like i did. it will also be bad because everyone will be angry and will make an angry mom.

    michael 7107

  78. I think that this is the stupidest thing that you could think of because kids don't always want to wrtie thing down in there books because we wil all turn into nerds and want to all do the same job. Then there will be no teachers for the schools for wood work/cooking or sowing. Who are you going to go to when when there are not many builders and there apprentice.

  79. I Don't have any brothers and sisters coming behind me so it dosen't affect me, but I think it is not fair to the chidren that are going start highschool because they are not going to learn how to cook or fix things, so then they weren't get a job.
    Brittany Ms 107

  80. tim 107
    if they take away the time of prack lessions and people dont know how to fix things and cook

  81. With 200 hours we can pass year 7 and year 8 with nothing to stop us but only with 80 hours for 2 years that is not right. All of us should at least 100 hours for year 8 and 7 so we can have 50 for year 7 and 50 for year 8 so it is better then 80 hours for 2 whole years. Books do not always have the information to do stuff we all need computers to get what we need.

    Rebecca A 7107

  82. I think if they cut back in technology hours in schools jobs like builder, architects and all that will not have alot of people with the skills to be them and be not much to do anything kid dreams will be gone


  83. If the government takes away our tech mandatory lessons then they are destroying the "FUTURE OF THE HUMAN RACE" (architecture dapartment)and will lose a lot of our brand new buildings
    Nicholas LH 7107


  85. -less time to choose a career path.
    -more boring office jobs apposed to construction, creativity and design jobs.
    -gives students motivation, a little time away from sitting in a classroom all day & doing things they do every year already.
    Let's kids be kids.
    -Limits life skills which are needed when you move away from home.

    Alyssa FD101

  86. I think they will become affected if the hours change because, the children wont be exposed to more subjects and things they might not know they like. It limits what they want to do in the future because they wont know what their good at. With less hours on subjects, it will only teach them the basics and nothing more.

  87. they wont get to do other subjects that could help them in the future.
    they wont get to learn new skills about certain subjects because of the hours.
    they wont no if they like a subject because they wont get a chance at it


  88. I think that if the hours change the kids will have a very big disadvantage than the other kids above them in older grades. Because when you do DT in years 7 and 8 they open you to a wide range of skills that could help you later in life, and when you do less hours you don't get to do many advanced projects, in year 7 and 8

    kira ft.

  89. Yr 7 and 8's won't be able to do major projects and they won't be able to have a wide variety of technology taught to them. They may also not choose a technology subject in 9 and 10 causing the numbers to drop. Technology is usually a fun subject especially the pracs of the subject and the hours changing, it will still be fun but won't get alot of pracs like previous students have recieved.

    Han FD101

  90. I think that year 7 and 8 need the skills that design and technology gives to students. If they want a job in technology, such as a chef or architect, they need the experience that mandatory tech provides. If they don't have these skills in the future, then some students won't achieve their goals.


  91. Students wont get the full experience.
    they can miss out on important information and basic skills they may need in later life.
    Students wont enjoy school as much as they will be doing more of English and maths.
    they dont get to be creative.
    Amberly ft.

  92. I think students would be disadvantaged if hours are cut because they won't have much knowledge on basic skills. Also they won't get to do major projects because of limited time. This will also disadvantage them in the future because of limited knowledge on what information they need to choose their electives in year 9 and 10. Fewer students will aspire to be engineers, designers and technologists becauset they won't have as much background information on the subjects.
    Claudia FT

  93. I think the change will have a bad effect on the students. The students won't have the same experience as other students. It takes time to see if the student likes or dislikes the subject and if they don't have the same hours (200) they wont be able to show there understanding and skills for that subject. This will limit there work choices in the future.

    Emma ft :)

  94. Students will become affected because they won't be as exposed to the learning of design and technology. Students skills will not develop as much and the understanding of the courses won't be as deep as what other students have experienced during previous years. Kids enjoy this subject because it is fun, creative and let's them be imaginative. It is a change from maths and english. I'm sure they won't cut the hours down for those subjects so why should they for DT.
    Alyshia FT